Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City of Amathar Press

Amathar is the primary setting for my first novel. It is a mega-city in the artificial world of Ecos. As you have guessed, it was a science fiction novel. When I decided that I would self-publish this book (more on that later), I wasn't thinking about creating a personal imprint. Later however, I saw that others self-publishing books had done so, so I immediately thought that "City of Amathar Press" would be appropriate. This is particularly so, since the Amatharians are described in my book as being extreme bibliophiles. Now that I am blogging, and especially since I am blogging about my writing, "City of Amathar" seemed more than appropriate for the blog title as well.

For any who would like to purchase books from City of Amathar Press, the entire catolog of which consists of one book (albeit in hardbound, paperback, or pdf), here is the link.

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