Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Princess of Amathar - The Novel

Princess of Amathar is a science fiction adventure novel in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Alexander Ashton, an earth man, finds himself mysteriously transported to another world-- the artificial hollow world of Ecos. There he encounters a wide variety of alien races, including the reptilian Zoasians and their mortal enemies the human Amatharians. The Zoasians and the Amatharians have been at war for thousands of years and Alexander's first encounter with both of them is when he stumbles upon a vicious battle, which the Amatharians lose. In the heat of battle, Alexander sees a beautiful female warrior, the Princess of Amathar, and falls in love with her then and there. When the Zoasians capture her and take her away, he vows to rescue her. The running series of adventures which he embarks upon includes a stop at her home city of Amathar, where he gets his first look at the human yet alien Amatharian civilization.

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