Friday, August 22, 2008

The Steel Dragon - A Novel

The Steel Dragon is my new novel. I've already given a bit of information about the setting and the fact that it is the first part of a trilogy. Here is the relevant information about the plot.


Senta Bly is a nine year old orphan girl in the great city of Brech. Adopted by the mysterious sorceress Zurfina, she joins an expedition to colonize the distant and mysterious land of Birmisia. As she grows up in a strange country of dinosaurs and lizardmen, will she grow to understand her own power?

Join Senta and her companions.

Iolanthe Dechantagne: the scion of a once wealthy and prestigious family who hopes to restore their lost honor.

Terrence Dechantagne: Iolanthe's older brother, troubled by a secret in his past and a dark addiction in the present.

Zeah Korlann: The Dechantagne butler who aspires to no more, but who has greatness thrust upon him, as well as the affections of a beautiful young woman.

Radley Staff: A navel officer with an appreciation for women, and one woman in particular.

And of course, the steel dragon.

The Steel Dragon is a novel of imperialism in a world much like our own Victorian era, with steam engines, rifles, long bustle dresses, and gas lights. But it is a world where magic and
dragons have not been forgotten, a world where dinosaurs roam and where wizards plot.

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