Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Two Dragons - A Novel

The Two Dragons is the final novel in the Steel Dragon Trilogy. It takes place five years after the events in The Sorceress's Apprentice, and eight years after the events in The Steel Dragon. Here is a blurb for this book.


Since its founding almost nine years ago, Port Dechantagne and the Brech Birmisia Colony have become a thriving dominion and a vital resource for the United Kingdom of Greater Brechalon. Seventeen year old sorceress Senta Bly, despite being surrounded by an aura of fear because of her awesome magical powers, is one of the prominent members of the colonial society. Now the colony and the rest of the world are threatened by war between Brechalon and Freedonia.

Senta and others must journey to distant Tsahloose, the city of the lizard king and home of the Dragon God Hissussisthis to find out if peace is still possible.

Meanwhile back in the colony, Governor Iolanthe Dechantagne, Mayor Zeah Korlann, and Police Inspector Saba Colbshallow struggle with the changing society brought on by massive waves of immigrants from Brechalon and refugees from Freedonia.

In this, the final volume in the story of a world not quite like our own Victorian era, Bessemer the Steel Dragon must decide whether his own destiny lies with the sorceress and the girl who raised him or as a god to the fierce lizardmen who dominate the continent of Mallon.

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