Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Steel Dragon Trilogy - Characters Part 1

My new novel The Steel Dragon, and the two sequels The Sorceress's Apprentice and The Two Dragons, tell the story of the creation of a colony. Because of this there are many characters in the story-- somewhat over two hundred named characters. I can put them into three main categories: main characters, major supporting characters, and minor supporting characters. In each of the three books, I follow four main characters, though not necessarily the same four as in the previous book. These are the characters into whose thoughts and emotions we see.

Senta Bly: Senta is a major character in all three books. She is a young orphan girl who becomes the apprentice to a powerful sorceress. (She is the title character for book 2)

Iolanthe Dechantagne: The head of a powerful and wealthy noble family who leads the expedition to found a new colony in a mysterious land, she is a main character in books 1 and 3.

Terrence Dechantagne: A main character in book 1, Terrence is Iolanthe's older brother, who everyone looks to as a heroic leader, but who harbors deep doubts about himself and lives with a dangerous addiction.

Zeah Korlann: Originally the Dechantagne butler, Zeah is a major character in books 1 and 3. He realizes his potential along the way to be more than a servant.

Yuah Korlann: Zeah's daughter is a main character in book 2, but is a major supporting character in the other books. Hopelessly in love with Terrence, she struggles with her place in the world, and deals with ethnic prejudice.

Radley Staff: Radley is a main character in book 2 and in one chapter of book 3. He is a naval officer on the battleship which transports the colonists. Later, after he retires, he returns to the colony.

Saba Colbshallow: Saba is a minor supporting character in book 1, a young man who works as a gopher for the Dechantagnes. By book 2, he has grown up and become a policeman. He is a main character in books 2 and 3.

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