Saturday, September 6, 2008

What's Wrong with D&D4 - Part Two

As I was saying, D&D 4 gets rid the problem of everyone else making money from a product belonging to Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast by doing two things. 1) Bring D&D in all its aspects under the direct control of Hasbro. 2) Create a well-defined look and feel to the game that can't be duplicated by anyone else, by law.
As to the first: Hasbro has killed Dungeon and Dragon magazines and is attempting to recreate them as web content. I think this is a huge mistake, but it is their mistake to make if they want. Fortunately for those of us who like to read magazines on the hobby, others have stepped in to fill the void. I recomment Kobold Quarterly. The redesigned 4e also makes it more difficult for others to work with a very convoluted legalese standard reference document (SRD).
The second part of the program is what really irks me. I have always created my own worlds, and being able to use the d&d game to play in those worlds was a great thing. And you could always just say "I'm playing D&D". Now there is such a tightly defined mythos that most of Wizard's own game worlds could not fit into it without a major overhaul. Hasbro says to just forget your old games and create a new 4e campaign. This is a lot like saying to forget your favorite music because we are switching from dvds to mp3s and we should start over with all new music. There are better alternatives to the D&D game, if you want to role-play. In the coming weeks, I will be pointing some of them out. In the meantime......

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