Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Down the Right Side of the Blog

I intend that this blog will be my public face as a writer. Hopefully, as I see more of my books published, they will be displayed down the right side of the page. For now, I have the various versions of my one published work-- Princess of Amathar, as well as some nifty little extras to fill the space. None of these is original, as they appear on many blogs, but I still think they're neat.
I'm finding more and more blogs that I like to read on a regular basis. "From Other Great Blogs" lists links to some of the more interesting headlines that I have found.
As a History teacher, I'm pleased to have "This Day in History" on my page.
"Useless Knowledge" has some useless and some not so useless bits of information. I have noted a few that were incorrect bits of common mythology as well. The champagne glass was not based on Marie Antoinette's breast.
"National Geographic Pictures" and "NASA Picture of the Day" are both very cool.
My favorite is probably the "Quotation of the Day".

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