Friday, October 10, 2008

Editing Eternally

Editing is a big job. I finished the draft of The Steel Dragon last February, went through several revisions, and then set about trying to edit it. I made corrections all through the spring and summer, I had ten other people read it and edit for me, and I am still finding errors to fix. Having others edit really helped, as when you read your own material you don't read it as closely since you know what you've written. Still, it's a big job and one that has to be done. I was working on still one more editing pass the other day after school when a young lady came by my classroom to see me. She asked me how many times I had gone through my book. When I replied that it was probably at least twenty times, she asked "How can you read your own book twenty times?" I replied that if I wasn't willing to read it, how could I expect others to.

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