Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Steel Dragon - Tributes

There are a number homages hidden within the text of The Steel Dragon. I think most of them are so well hidden that a reader wouldn't notice them. Here are some of them.

Percy Shelley's Ozymandias: I love this poem, so in the third book of the series, I had the characters come across an ancient monument with a very similar inscription.

The Lord of the Rings: There are several little tributes in the story, the most obvious is the title of the third book-- The Two Dragons. Besides being obvious, because there are two dragons in the story, it is a tip of the hat to the second volume of The Lord of the Rings-- The Two Towers.

Stephen King: I wanted a little Stephen King in my book, so I added him. Most of the characters are not patterened, at least physically, after any particular person. I used Stephen King's picture as a reference for one character-- a wizard.

Honor Harrington: I love the Honor Harrington books by David Weber. I had already created two characters named Hero and Hertzal, so when they needed a sister, Honor seemed a perfect name.

The Princess Bride: I added one word as a tribute to this great movie-- Inconceivable!

Hamish Macbeth: This great British show was a source of inspiration for my characters who were police constables. Because of this, I added a little dog, like Wee Jock, to the story. I of course named him Hamish.

Nellie Bly: The girl reporter Nellie Bly is a hero of mine and I used her last name as the last name for my main character. If I write a fourth book in the series, I plan to have a character who is a girl reporter.

Edgar Rice Burroughs: There are dinosoaurs in the story. If that's not enough, I had a character read a book that was very much like an ERB story.

Sherlock Holmes: There are a string of murders in the book. I set one on a foggy waterfront as a deliberate tribute to A. Conan Doyle's hero and I gave the inspector a double-billed hat and a pipe.

E. Gary Gygax: I plotted out all three books together as one continuous story. I only added one chapter and that was a dungeon crawl. This was a tribute to the creator of D&D.

William Shakespeare: I have loved the name Hero for a woman ever since I watched Much Ado About Nothing. I had decided I would name a character Hero. The fact that she is a twin is also due to my love of the Bard and his penchant for twins.

Tom Swift: I used the Shopton as the name of the town where some of my characters lived before the story begins. Shopton, NY was the home of Tom Swift.

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