Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teacher Burnout

Boy. I am feeling the burnout right now.

A teacher's loss of idealism and enthusiasm for work (Matheny, Gfroerer, and Harris 2000).

"An extreme type of role-specific alienation with a focus on feelings of meaninglessness, especially as this applies to one's ability to successfully reach students" (Wood, McCarthy 2000).

"Syndrome resulting from teachers' inability to protect themselves against threats to their self esteem and well being" (Haberman)

Causes for Teacher Burnout

Burnout is the result of a long period of stress. Stress comes from the perception of a teacher that the resources available to deal with the stress are not adequate. In other words, the stressors (demands from the job) outweigh the resources available to deal with the demands. Example: "Teachers must face a classroom full of students every day, negotiate potentially stressful interactions with parents, administrators, counselors, and other teachers, contend with relatively low pay and shrinking school budgets, and ensure students meet increasingly strict standards of accountability." (Wood, McCarthy 2000).

If I had my druthers last Friday, I would have quit. Since I don't have that option, I spent the weekend mulling over how I could turn it around, and I'm working on that today. By the time you read this (since I'm writing a couple of weeks in advance) I should have things going the way I want them, or I'll have exploded an aneurysm.

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