Friday, November 14, 2008

Prehistoric Mammals

Most kids love dinosaurs. I don't know why. People who are much smarter than me have suggested it is because they are big and powerful. When I was a kid I was certainly no exception. I loved dinosaurs. I also loved the prehistoric animals that came before and after the dinosaurs, like the prehistoric mammals of the pleistocene. I think the mammels get short shrift. Most of them are at least as interesting as the dinosaurs. Of course many people already think that they are dinosaurs, as evidenced by the inclusion of mammoths and saber-tooths in bags of plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. Of course some of the greatest documentaries about any prehistoric animals are the Walking with Dinosaurs series, including Walking with Prehistoric Beasts (mammals) and Walking with Monsters (pre-dinosaur creatures), but I remember another show from my youth. It was called What's New and was on PBS. If anyone has any information on that show, let me know.

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