Friday, November 21, 2008

Suspiciously Blocked Site

I was searching for a few education sites on the web this week when I found a site that was blocked. This particular site was "Science Misconceptions in the Classroom". It showcased, so the description said, errors in the science curriculum that can be found being taught in schools today. I though this might be a valuable resource, but as I say, it was blocked by our web watchdog software. Now, we have many sites blocked for many reasons and usually the reason is plastered across the screen: Porn, Social Networking, Anonymizer Utilities, Chat, Criminal Activities, Gambling, Violence, Hacking, Historical Revision, Illegal Software, Nudity, Malicious Sites, Marketing, Media Sharing, Mobile Phones, Peer to Peer, Personal Pages, Phishing, Ideology, School Cheating, Violence, Weapons, and an outrageously long list of other categories. This site doesn't list one though. It just says it has specifically been blocked by the school district. Hmmm.

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