Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free PDF Book Download

I'm pretty happy with the response to the free pdf download of "His Robot Girlfriend". The whole idea from the beginning was to get it out there and get it to as many people as possible. As soon as I have the final edit done, I hope to get it on Feedbooks and similar sites.

I would also like a review. If anyone out there has one, I'll post it here, good or bad.

I'm so happy with the number of people downloading that I'm thinking I should write another just for free eBook distribution. If my next book is a Steel Dragon book I won't, because I have dedicated myself to getting that series published by a traditional book publisher, but maybe I'll write one of the others with that in mind.

I'm also going to be offering some free classics in the form of ebooks here. You can get some of these books from other sites for free but these are books you should definitely get here or somewhere else, because they are great. Look for at least one new addition to the City of Amathar catolog on the 3rd of each month.

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Zachary said...

I'm currently on Chapter 4 of His Robot Girlfriend and have enjoyed it thus far. I want to buy a copy of Princess of Amathar soon. I would also like to write a review of His Robot Girlfriend.