Monday, January 12, 2009

Four Month Anniversary

Today marks four months of daily postings on City of Amathar Blog, and I'm just really getting started. Blogging has turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be-- a bit cathartic. I have always eschewed diaries, figuring that no other person would want to read daily ramblings, and I could remember it without writing it down. Turns out I do have something to say and every once in a while it might be worth reading. I really love the fact that I can post some of my writing and get occassional feedback.

I like the fact that I can write out my blog topics for weeks in advance and have them posted each day, but lately I've been shuffling prewritten blogs around to make room for things that happen on the spur of the moment or are otherwise timely. Oh well. Now I'm looking forward to the six month anniversary in just 59 days or so.

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