Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Steel Dragon: Trilogy or Continuing Series.

Right now The Steel Dragon is in the slush pile at Baen books waiting to be read. It's been there for four months and so I don't expect to hear anything else for another five at least. When I wrote the book, I thought of it as one long novel (about 660,000 words). Once I was done, I decided it needed to be a trilogy and I began to think of it as my Lord of the Rings. In either form, it has a long and complete epilogue which tells what happens to all the characters for the rest of their lives.

When I finished writing, I really felt bad about not being able to write more about the world and the characters that I created, so I plotted out a story which goes between volumes two and three. Now after reading O Pioneers, I feel like even that is not enough and I want to write much more. I want to take off that epilogue and write out what happens to the characters in book form. I'm still thinking about this, so I don't know what I'll decide.

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