Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue Adept - A Review

The latest book I've finished reading on my Sony PRS-505 is "Blue Adept" by Piers Anthony. This is the second book in what originally was a trilogy, but as with so many of Mr. Anthony's series, has grown beyond-- to seven books.

It has been my experience that you either like Piers Anthony or you don't. I have to admit that I am not as fond of some of his writing as I was when I was younger, but overall, I still enjoy his lighthearted approach to fantasy. This series "The Apprentice Adept" is less comical than his Xanth books, with an interesting mix of sci-fi and fantasy as the hero and others cross from a world of one to a world of the other. I was occassionally annoyed by how thick the hero can be, apparently just refusing to accept the reality that we, the readers, have already figured out. This is another hallmark of Anthony's writing, and sometimes is just tedious.

If you like Piers Anthony, you will enjoy The Apprentice Adept. If you like Neil Gaimon, you will probably enjoy the series. But do not read this book without having read the first book in the series -- Split Infinity. This original trilogy is very much one story. This was in fact, the big negative that I had for the book. While there is a climax in this book, it is in the last sentence, and one has to read the next book in order to find out what the resolution of that climax was.
Happy reading and ereading.

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