Friday, March 20, 2009

The Library of Alexandria

I have always loved books. In our house, we have a bookshelf (at least one) in every room, including most of the closets. Though I've given away most of the paperback books that I've read over the years, I love keeping my books, rereading them, looking at them, and smelling them. This may sound weird to you non-bibliophiles, but true book-lovers know of which I speak.

Now that I'm into eBooks, I'm trying to build an impressive eBook library. I've added a few books almost every single day. I try to download at least one book a day from Manybooks, Munsey's, and Feedbooks; and download several from Mobile Read Forums. I check the Finding Free Ebooks blog and the Ebooks Just Published blog every day. Plus I buy books from various eBook sellers-- notably the Sony eBook Store and Fictionwise. As yet, I've spent less than $100.00.

My goal is to have a library to rival the fabled library of ancient Alexandria. It is supposed to have had up to a million scrolls, representing tens of thousands of books. Call it 50,000 for a nice round number. I've got a way to go. I just passed the 1250 mark.

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