Sunday, March 1, 2009

My School District Sucks!

It's bad enough that out of 50 states, we come in #50 in per pupil spending. It's bad enough that the only raise I've had in six years is a 2% "cost of living" raise. Now the dorks* at the school district have blocked from the school. I can't write my blog on my prep period any more! I can't check out Finding New eBooks, look for cool Photoshop Disasters, or read Royal Reviews! Thank God they've got their priorities in order. If they think I'm blogging instead of teaching, they should try spending six hours in a fifteen by fifteen room with 37 twelve year olds. See how much reading or thinking you can do!

*Webster's defines "dork" as a whale penis, so I'm using it correctly. They are big dicks.

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