Sunday, June 21, 2009

Princess of Amathar - New Edition, New Prices

If you look along the right side of the page, you may not notice anything different, but "Princess of Amathar" has been updated to a second edition, to match the second edition ebook now available. Three different formats are available. Not only are they updated, but the prices on all three formats have been lowered. The deluxe hardbound was $27.95 but in now $23.95. The trade paperback was $14.95 and is now $13.95. And the digest paperback was $9.95 but is now $7.95. Both the hardbound and the trade paperback sport new covers, while the digest paperback now features a sample chapter of "His Robot Girlfriend".

If you enjoyed "His Robot Girlfriend" and would like to support my writing, please purchase a copy of "Princess of Amathar". I make about the same amount of money no matter which edition you purchase (around $1), so if all you want to do is contribute, buy the $1.59 ebook. If you want a nice paperback, try the digest. Thanks to everyone who purchases and reads this and any other of my books.

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