Monday, July 20, 2009

Amathar - Tular Maximinos

Tular Maximinos is a relatively minor character from Princess of Amathar. He is a friend of Norar Remontar and the betrothed of Vena Remontar. He also turns out to be something of a rival to Alexander.

They all laughed again. I instinctively liked both these men-- Bentar Hissendar was a friendly and happy fellow, and Tular Maximinos had an engaging wit, and a way of delivering a funny line with a straight face. I wondered for a moment if he could do the reverse, and deliver a sad line while smiling.

"It was very lucky for you that you came out of that tunnel when you did," said Tular Maximinos. "We were just getting ready to leave the area."

"Yes," confirmed Bentar Hissendar. "We have been making surveys for the Hissendar Trading Group. They have been looking for new sources of edible plants and mineral resources, but the area where we found you turned out to have little promise."

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