Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Princess of Amathar - Chapter 23 Excerpt

"Alexander Ashton, are you conscious?" I opened my eyes to see the face of the Princess looking down at me. "I thought you might be in a coma."

"What happened?"

"Look and see, kinsman."

I tried to sit up, but found it difficult, since both my hands and feet were bound with heavy wire. I managed to look around me, and saw that we were on the floor of a large room. It looked familiar, but for a moment I didn't know how. I realized that this was a Zoasian land vehicle of the same general type which I had so recently driven, just as one of the aforementioned snake-men entered the compartment and pointed a large ray gun at me.

"Go ahead and shoot me, you cold-blooded bastard!" I shouted at the reptile. He just hissed at me uncomprehendingly, and then sat down nearby to guard us.

"It seems your thanks for the rescue were premature,” I told my companion.

"I resigned myself to my own death when I was first captured by the Zoasians,” said Noriandara Remontar. "The situation is no worse now. If anything, we can be happy that we have caused them so much trouble."

"I can't believe that they found us in the middle of that sand storm,” I said, rubbing the painful knot just behind my temple.

"The Zoasians have an extra eyelid which they can close to protect from the elements, and still be able to see,” she explained. "My aunt has made an extensive study of their culture and their physiology, though I dare say, I will be able to write quite a book on the subject myself, if I ever get back to Amathar."

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