Monday, August 24, 2009

Amathar - Recycling & Repairing

Kate S. pointed out a feature of Amatharian society that I had actually forgotten about-- recycling. Everything in Amathar is recycled from the clothing they wear to the massive aerial warships. I honestly don't think a society of billions of people is truly sustainable in the long run if they don't figure out how to recycle or reuse their waste products.

In addition, the Amatharians repair everything. We forget that just a few years ago, almost every town in America had an appliance repair shop that fixed everything from electric fans to toasters. In 1955 you might pay $25.oo for a new toaster, but you could get yours repaired for 50 cents. Today you can buy a similar product (not exactly, because toasters were made much better in the 50s) for $20.00 but it would cost you $125.00 to get it repaired. The Amatharians don't have that problem. They don't have money. Young Amatharians learn how to repair things as training for later making things and inventing new things.

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