Friday, August 7, 2009

Get OpenOffice!

Okay. Microsoft Office 95 wasn't my favorite, but it was usable. I quite liked Office 97. I never used Office 2000, I skipped right over it and went to Office XP. I liked Office XP. I used it for years. I got Office 2003 at work and I don't like it as much as Office XP, but I can still use it. But Office 2007 is freaking unbelievably bad. It both sucks and blows at the same time. I refuse to use it.

Since I just got a new computer and I needed an office suite, what do I do? Do I look for somebody selling an old Office? No! I'm breaking the chain. has the OpenOffice suite. It does everything that I will ever want to do in word, has a PowerPoint-like presentation program, spreadsheet program, drawing program, is Office compatible, was created by Sun Microsystems and it is FREE! Yes. FREE!

Download it from here and try it.

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