Monday, November 2, 2009

His Robot Girlfriend - 3 Star Review

3 Star Review by C. Alan Loewen

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Man buys robot. Man falls in love with robot. They live happily ever after.
There are two types of books: character-driven and plot-driven. Allison's His Robot Girlfriend is an example of the former.

Much of nothing happens in the story. There is a hint of intrigue, an aroma of conflict, a lot of sensuality referred to but not, thank heaven, described blow-by-blow which would make this simply bad porn. Basically the first sentence of the review is the novella in its entirety.
The dialogue is written well, which is a plus for works put out into free domain. The character of Mike Smith is rather well fleshed out though Patience remains ... well, a robot and doesn't have much of a personality as she is basically a Gal Friday with sexual services attached. The settings are intriguing. It is interesting to see what of our culture the author believes will survive in the near future, and and as credit to the author's craft, I did read the novella in its entirety.

However, reviewers are as varied as wildflowers in a meadow. Personally, I like a strong, well-crafted plot with intriguing lines of conflict, no matter how subtle or blatant they may be. If you like just character vignettes and what people may do in the privacy of their homes with a novel toy, then this might just be your five-star story.

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