Thursday, December 10, 2009

His Robot Girlfriend - Review at This Last Post

It was suggested to me that I google my books every so often and see what's out there. I did, and I found this review of His Robot Girlfriend at This Last Post. It was a nice review despite the mispelling of my name in the title. The text follows. You can see the original here.

Wesley Allison’s His Robot Girlfriend is a futuristic science fiction romance novel eBook. I downloaded it through Stanza from their online catalog under Feedbooks, but I provided the link also. The story is about a lonely teacher named Mike Smith who purchases a robot to be his companion from the Daffodil company. His wife had died and his children had moved away. There is some descriptions of sex between Mike Smith and the Robot but it’s not that intense. I found the sex and the clothes shopping thing in the novel to be a bit disturbing, but I got over it because it enhances that companionship thing that Smith was looking for. The author Allison tried to add a little action in there but for the most part during the pace of the novel was the slow and the same. I read ‘Girlfriend’ in a week because I found it really interesting, the ending was sort of a twist, but I had expected something like it would happen. I couldn’t put it down I’d recommend this novel for people who are into the Science-Fiction genre. If you’ve read this book or want to comment I would love to see other ideas.

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Brittany said...

I was looking at your blog and I was highly shocked that I was mentioned by the author of the book I reviewed! Such an incredible feeling to be honest. I do apologize for having misspelled your name in the title. I was rushing to publish without double checking. I was too excited about finishing His Robot Girlfriend. So embarrassing. You're a great author and thank you again for mentioning my review. It is such an honor.