Monday, December 28, 2009

New "His Robot Girlfriend" Review on Feedbooks

Here is the latest review of His Robot Girlfriend on Feedbooks. This one by Markos.

"His Robot Girlfriend" was thoroughly enjoyable. I found it titillating, but it never decended into the grotesque or vulgar. My wife is a 5th through 7th-grade French and Spanish teacher at a private school here in Fort Worth, Texas, and I laughed out loud at the first few chapters especially, where the classes are described.

I was intrigued at the particular version of near-future reality painted in words, which was nicely subliminal. One picks up that mankind was not able to completely arrest global warming, that certain things like food and clothing are anywhere from 100% to 200% higher, but interestingly, a sophisticated, humanlike robot is a mere $2700. (Forgive any minor inaccuracies. I just got done reading the book over the course of a couple of days). Fascinating!

I, too, was going to sheepishly submit a list of typos, but looks like that isn't necessary.

Looking forward eagerly to reading your others. msm

Thanks a lot Markos. Glad you enjoyed it.

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