Thursday, January 28, 2010

Senta and the Steel Dragon - Setting

Senta and the Steel Dragon is the story of a world not too different than our own Victorian/Edwardian age of Colonial Imperialism. This world however is different because in the past, mythic creatures like dragons were common. Magic is still present. In an age of steam power and rifles, wizards are sought after for service in the army and navy. In this world, the continent of Sumir is the place of origin and primary home of humanity. The people of Sumir have begun to colonize the rest of the world, which up until now, was dominated by non-human creatures.

I began creating this world, by imagining a world larger than our own, with more land as compared to ocean. I cut out a shape that I imagined as this world's Pangia, then tore it to pieces and moved them around to simulate continental drift. When I was done, I set another piece of paper over them, and traced the outlines of the landmasses. Then I made several more drawings, attempting to make each of them more true to life. It helped that as a child, I liked to sit and look at the atlas.

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