Sunday, January 17, 2010

Worst Governor in America -- Ever!

The worst governor in America-- ever. It's bad enough that Gibbons has driven the state into the ground financially, now he's planning to dig us into a hole so deep that we'll never get out even after he's left office-- which is about as sure a thing as can be, because even the idiots who voted for him before are sick of him now. Frankly I couldn't believe anyone would vote for him before.
Now he wants to destroy education in the state. Recently divorced for infidelity, he thinks he has th moral compass to be the arbiter of what our children should be taught. He wants to replace the board of education in the state and wipe out virtually all the gains made in schools in the past twenty years. Here is a list of his supposed "reforms."
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Now he wants to sue the United States because to stop health care reform. Dork.
Oh, yes. And now he wants to ditch Medicaid for the state.

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