Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bob Russell's Report on the Ipad

The iPad has my interest, even though I'm not a fan of closed systems, and I never thought I'd consider a device without at least one USB port and a memory card slot. What follows is my reasons for interest, and the things I wish it had. I.e., if I could have provided input, this is what Apple might have included on an iPad developed just for me.

Why I Am Interested
Good battery life. Hopefully, real world usage matches 10-12hrs.
Great form factor - light, slim and nicely sized screen
Zippy performance - should be much faster than e-ink devices
Capacitive touch screen
Lots of developer support, and huge iPhone consumer base
External keyboard via BT or dock. Eventually wired keyboards will probably be available via the connector.
Should be a good e-book reader, even for PDFs in landscape. (I don't mind reading on an LCD screen.)
Price is not much more than an e-ink device, so I can potentially make this as an e-book reader purchase that gets me some additional functionality and a more responsive device as well.

If you go to a full O/S like Win7, then you lose battery life and the lightweight advantage. I.e. In that case, I may as well use my convertible tablet, or get a netbook (still a possibility). The extra weight and shorter battery life is a critical factor for me.

It will be interesting to see what Android tablets come out with 7-10" screens, 8+hr battery life, <2lbs>
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