Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mini-Review: 1901 by Robert Conroy

1901 by Robert Conroy
Alternate History is one of my favorite genres to read. Take an event that might have been in history and tell us what would have happened if... Robert Conroy has several books out that take this idea and make good use of it. In 1901 Teddy Roosevelt prevented European nations from interfering in the western hemisphere and established the Roosevelt Corollary. German for one was not too happy with this development and actually created plans for a possible invasion of the USA. This book is the story of what would have happened. It is more than a decent read and is probably pretty close to what actually would have happened, though we'll never know for sure. The only down side to this book from my view is that the main characters were too much like those in Mr. Conroy's other book-- 1862. Still, this was a good story with a great premise, a fine time period for a setting and TR vs. Germans! If you want to try out alternate history for the first time, you could do worse than this book. If you are like me and will read any AH with TR, go for it.

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