Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Senta and the Steel Dragon - Senta

My new series of books, Senta and the Steel Dragon has a great many characters (something over 250), but it's no surprise that the most important is character is Senta Bly (the title character of the series). The series is really the story of her life, growing from a small child to become a powerful sorceress.

Brechalon (Book 0) Available Now!
Senta is only a six year old child and doesn't have much part in this story.  This is really just an introduction for her.

The Voyage of the Minotaur (Book 1) Available Now!
Senta begins the story as an eight year old orphan living in the great city of Brech. She is adopted by the mysterious sorceress Zurfina the Magnificent and is taken with her on a voyage to the distant land of Birmisia.

The Dark and Forbidding Land (Book 2)
Senta and Zurfina have been living in Birmisia for almost two years as this book starts. She struggles to understand the magic that Zurfina tries to teach her, as she must face the terrors of their forest home, especially a particularly agressive T-Rex and a Freedonian wizard.

The Sorceress's Apprentice (Book 3) -
As a twelve year old apprentice sorceress, Senta has become well-known and, by some, feared. She struggles with the problems of adolescence along with her friends Hero and Hertzel and her boyfriend Graham.  And she encounters Wizard Smedley Bassington for th first time.

The Coming Night (Book 4)
Senta must deal with becomming a woman and the changing dynamic between her and her friends, as well as the growing anipathy between her and a woman she thought was her friend. To make life all the more difficult, she has a rival for Graham's affections.

The Two Dragons (Book 5)
The last book involves a war between Brechalon and Freedonia in which Senta (now a seventeen year old sorceress) and Zurfina play pivotal parts.  The rough draft for this book is completed, but will probably see major changes and revisions.

Future books in the series, they will continue Senta's life into her twenties, thirties, and maybe beyond.

Tall and thin, with blond hair and blue eyes, Senta is intelligent and witty. As a child she is precocious. As an adult, she is clever and sharp tongued.

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