Sunday, April 18, 2010

What am I working on?

Now that I've finished the rough draft of Tesla's Stepdaughters, what am I writing?  Well, I have several projects that I've already started.

The Dark and Forbidding Land
Book 2 of Senta and the Steel Dragon
More than half finished, I'm going to finish it this summer.

Knights of Amathar
The sequel to Princess of Amathar
Four chapters done.

Nova Dancer
Science-fiction space story.
Well into the second chapter.

Women of Power
Superhero adventure story.
Right at the end of chapter three.

I'm not tired of any of these stories and I plan to get back on them eventually.  Senta 2, for instance, I have set myself a deadline on.  However, following my usual form, I have started a new story, as I mentioned the other day.  This one is an adventure in the Edgar Rice Burroughs/H. Rider Haggard tradition, and I'm tentatively calling it The Jungle Girl.  I'm playing around with chapter one right now, which features Teddy Roosevelt as a supporting character.

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