Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ep!phanee (Piffy)

Ep!phanee (pronounced Epiphany) or Piffy is one of the four musician characters in Tesla's Stepdaughters.  What was her inspiration?

In as far as the Ladybugs is an alternate world analogy of the Beatles...
Piffy is a mixture of Lennon and McCartney.  Song writing style, she's more Lennon.  Management put her at odds with the other three band members: ala McCartney.  And like McCartney, she's always looking to "do it in the road." 

She's a wild chick with a bit of Joan Jett in her and stylewise she's a bit Lady Gaga too.

Read about her and the other Ladybugs in Tesla's Stepdaughters.

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