Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Sale: PRS-505 Sony Reader

It is time to sell my beloved Sony PRS-505. Here are the details, I will post the pictures when I get home from work this evening.

Sony PRS-505 in brown case. (With original box and all contents.)

Loaded with 200 great public domain books and 7 books by yours truly.

Black Sony Light wedge case.

Brown M-Edge Executive Case

Black M-Edge Leisure Case

Sony AC Adaptor/Charger (PSP model but works great)

Everything is in excellent condition. Some small wear and maybe a tiny scratch or two on the light wedge. I've never even used the Leisure case, though it has gathered some dust.

Price is $300.00 including US Priority Mail/ Insured. Payment must be by money order or paypal. I will consider offers from outside the US but can make no promises and there may be additional shipping charges.

1 comment:

Erisian ( said...

if it is so beloved, why are you selling it? you look very sad in your photo..

also, as the PRS-505 is retailing new for about $280, you may choose to list out the base cost of the accessories to better explain value :)

loves my my kindle, but definitely had my eye on these for a while!