Sunday, May 2, 2010

His Robot Girlfriend tops 40,000 Downloads!

His Robot Girlfriend has topped 40,000 downloads!  You can get your copy free at,,, or  You can also find it at B& and  Follow one of the links to the right.  You can also buy it in paperback or hardbound by following the links on this page, or by stopping by

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dezmond said...

Downloaded e book on stanza,1 of the 1st few books I finished at all. Wanted to leave a comment on stanza but didn't know how so tot I pop in here to give my positive comments.

A good short read. I like the sublimal way the book explored how robots will play a huge role to ppl's life. Also how it hinted on the various issues,such as security,privacy, and social discrimination against robots.

*spoliers*I was half expecting a huge conspiracy where all robots were there to suck dry the owners money by going on huge shopping spree (no doubt in shops who paid to the robot companies). Which explains why Patience was trying to keep mike healthy. It was hinted at but not implied.