Monday, May 17, 2010

Steffie Sin

Steffie Sin is one of the four musician characters in Tesla's Stepdaughters. What was her inspiration?

In as far as the Ladybugs is an alternate world analogy of the Beatles...
Steffie is a mixture of Harrison and McCartney. Like Harrison, she has her songs pushed aside on albums because of the prolific songwriting of Piffy and Penny.  Like McCartney, she can play just about any instrument.  She spends her off time in seclusion.

She has a little boy.

Read about her and the other Ladybugs in Tesla's Stepdaughters.


Erisian ( said...

what are you using to gen your character images?
or did you source them some place before you started writing?

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

These images are generated from characters in Rock Band 2 on my Wii and created using the Rock Band 2 website. This is only appropriate since it was the Rock Band 2 game that I was playing which inspired the story.

Erisian ( said...

i figured it had to be some kind of game you were leveraging :)

good thinkin lincoln