Saturday, June 26, 2010

Answering the Mail

I've responded to some of these posts directly, but I thought I would gather them all together in case anyone wanted to follow along.

Sean Irving said...
Read your novel "His Robot girlfriend" and imply loved it.I like the idea of it that seems so possible in the near future. Hope to see more wonderful stories like this from you. Great work!

Thanks.  His Robot Girlfriend got a lot of positive mentions early on.  Lately some of the comments are getting more critical, but that's okay too.  Any press is good press.

Dan Bois said...
I just finished "his robot girlfriend". It was great! I really enjoyed it and all the little sci-fi tidbits you threw in. Mudd's women exactly:)

I like to put in a lot of little in-jokes and references for my own enjoyment.  There are a few in His Robot Girlfriend.  In Senta and the Steel Dragon, there are probably hundreds.  There's a little reference about everything I like.

mijori said...

Yes, I concur with the other favorable comments. His Robot Girlfriend is a nice antidote to the Terminator series of AI run amuck.  Clever how you had the programmers behind the plot to pilfer from customers, highlighting that man is ultimately responsible for our robotic future. If you plan any follow-up to this story, I for one would be very interested.

Thanks again.  I hope to get started on the sequel this summer.  My working title is of course, His Robot Wife.

Jeff Barnes said...

So many people are looking to discredit, or undermine you for such small little things. My first novel I self-published had many grammatical mistakes.  I don't write for the critics. I write for the readers and myself. I write what I am passionate about because I have a story in me that I need to share.  So, you don't like it? I made a mistake or two? Who cares! I wrote, you read it. Case closed.  I love your work. Keep it up.


Roy said...

Just finished it. GREAT READ!! Looked to me like fertile soil for a sequel. I'm a hard-core Trekker m'self and I've been to the "Experience" in Vegas too. Easy to relate to the story. Personally, though, I think Patience reminded me more of Rayna (Requiem for Methuselah) than one of the "I Mudd" harem...just a thought. Anyway, PLEASE consider a sequel.

Interestingly enough, the connection with Patience to the Star Trek story was a late add-in.  Originally, there was a time travel element that didn't work with the revision of the story.  On a personal note, I am very sad that the Star Trek Experience is gone.

Erisian ( said...

any sightings in the wild yet?

Erisian is referring to the Droid/Verizon ad that was supposed to feature His Robot Girlfriend.  I saw one ad featureing and it had only one self-published novel shown, and it wasn't mine.  So, I'm afraid that ship has sailed.  Too bad.

dezmond said...

Downloaded e book on stanza,1 of the 1st few books I finished at all. Wanted to leave a comment on stanza but didn't know how so tot I pop in here to give my positive comments.  A good short read. I like the sublimal way the book explored how robots will play a huge role to ppl's life. Also how it hinted on the various issues,such as security,privacy, and social discrimination against robots.  *spoliers*I was half expecting a huge conspiracy where all robots were there to suck dry the owners money by going on huge shopping spree (no doubt in shops who paid to the robot companies). Which explains why Patience was trying to keep mike healthy. It was hinted at but not implied.

Thanks.  I'm glad people are able to get the book from so many different readers on different devices.  On a seperate note, it is finally availabe in the iBooks Store for the iPad, along with 5 of my other books.

billthedoc said...

Loved both the E B books - outstanding and funny, I have read these aloud several times to friends and family. Awaiting the third book with breath barely bated! Thank you, keep it up.

This may be the first time anyone has written to me about Eaglethorpe Buxton.  I can't wait to get started on the third Eaglethorpe book.  It may be the last... or it may not.  They just kind of write themselves really (or Eaglethorpe is taking over my brain).

Fredislaughing said...

I'd love to share something I found on page 66 of the ereader text for HRG.Love the blog and LOVE the perseverance.

Thanks and thanks.  Anytime anyone has something to point out to me, be it a typo or a brilliant piece of prose (grin), please do so.

Erisian ( said...

How are you liking it (my iPad) a week later?  Does it fill the sour spot that was left with the discard of your sony?

I'm loving my iPad.  The thing is, there's so much you can do with it that I find myself doing other things besides reading.  It does make a great reader though.  I've read one book on it so far.  I still have my Sony.  I guess if I'm going to sell it, I need to do it quickly.  eReader prices are dropping like crazy.

Thanks everybody.  Hope you are all having a great summer.

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