Sunday, June 20, 2010

His Robot Girlfriend tops 50,000 Downloads!

As of this morning, His Robot Girlfriend has been downloaded 50,420 times.  6,695 of those have been downloaded in the last month alone.  If you haven't yet gotten yours, click on the link to the right, or stop by,, or

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Tethtibis D`Seidhr said...

this book, while seeming to be rushed at parts, has a very good flow-through discerning the main characters, and highlighting their relationship.

This story tugged my heart-strings and made me long for such a companion, up until the last line of dialog. i was intrigued at how much and how little that singular statement meant, coming from an android.

And it made me wonder... good programming? Not having ACTUAL wishes of her own? It made me feel like this book was written solely for that one singular line. I loved it. thank you for the great read. :O)