Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dark and Forbidding Land Chapters that Weren't

I had several chapters planned in this book that for one reason or another were never written, or were given different names.  Here are some of them.

Potion Calamity
I had a thought about Senta taking her potion and having some strange side-effect.  Instead, she takes the one potion which doesn't work and one which does.  The one that doesn't work has no effect at all.

The Dinner Party
Logistics made it so that I never got all the characters that I wanted together for a dinner party.  Instead, they had a tea party, which became chapter 15.

I was going to have the book last long enough to include Senta's birthday, but it would have been stretching the timeline too long.  So Senta's birthday ended up just being a mention in the epilog.
No, I Mean Really Powerful Magic
This chapter became unnecessary when, as I wrote, Senta's spells became more powerful than I had originally planned.

The Hunt
I decided to cut this chapter.  Instead, the hunters had to turn back before the hunt.

Pack Hunters
This chapter just got a title change.  It became The Day of the Daggers.

A Prosperous Colony
I cut this chapter which was originally planned to show the extent of Port Dechantagne.  I felt I covered that enough in the earlier chapters.

Punishment Follows Swift
This was another title change.  It became The Book.

Conflict in the Motor Shed
I had originally envisioned this to take up a whole chapter.  Instead, it became the end of What Happened on the Third-- only a small part of a chapter.

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