Monday, July 12, 2010


Here are some updates on the writing front:

The Dark and Forbidding Land: Senta and the Steel Dragons book 2.  I am more than halfway through the second draft.  After that I will begin editing.  I'm still planning on having the ebook done about the first of August.  I have to listen to it being read to me with Text2Go, to catch any lasts typos.

The Drache Girl: Senta and the Steel Dragon book 3.  Yes, I have decided to change the title.  There is already a book called The Sorceress's Apprentice and then of course the new movie The Sorceror's Apprentice.  I prefer to save any confusion or trademark problems and go with this new title.  I'll have to do a quick revision pass, to make sure there's no conflicts between book 2 and book 3 (which was written before 2) and then an editing pass with Text2Go.  So figure about August 20th for the ebook.

His Robot Wife.  With the popularity of His Robot Girlfriend, it just seems stupid not to push this to the front burner.  Tentatively the ebook should be available about early December.  No, I haven't started writing yet, but I have a good outline.  Speaking of which, I was getting a little bummed by a few one and two star reviews on iBooks, until I saw 47 people gave 1 star to the Bible!

Women of Power, Knights of Amathar, Nova Dancer
I have about three chapters done of each of these, so it's only a matter of which do I want to work on first.  Right now, this would be the order, but that may change.

August 12, 2010
One month from today marks the second anniversary of the City of Amathar Blog.  Check back on that day for specials on all my ebooks, a contest, and more.  Remember, that day only.


Robert Agoglia said...

What about writing a sequel, Her Robot Boyfriend?
I think it's a good premise.

Mr. Wesley Allison said...

That was one idea that presented itself based on the titles,and I may write it someday. I don't have the idea for the plot though, and I do for His Robot Wife, so that's the way I'm going for now.