Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wonder Woman gets Updated?

It's been all over the news this week that Wonder Woman is getting an update.  While I personally don't think Wonder Woman needs an update, what's really inane is the way that she is being updated.  It consists of three things.  New outfit.  New origin.  New smackdown.

Now I've read the preview and Wonder Woman's new outfit is not bad.  Basically, she has just changed her iconic hotpants for black spandex leggings.  1. The black pants don't look bad.  2. I'm all for superheroes having a change of clothes in their closets.  Hell they should change all the time.  And Diana has shown up in some cool variations of her costume before, including the awesome eagle armor, and recently a red cape.  But really, we know the hotpants.  We love the hotpants.  Really it's not much of a change-- it's like changing Superman's red cape to maroon in the last movie.  How'd that work out?  It bombed?  Hmm.

They've killed off the Amazons and destroyed Paradise Island.  This is really the bad move.  This goes to what the characters is all about.  Batman is a borderline psychotic because he watched his parents being killed.  Superman defends the planet because he lost his own.  Wonder Woman is the ambassador to the man's world from Paradise Island.  Oh wait!  Hey Bruce Wayne, your parents really aren't dead!  Guess what Clark Kent?  Krypton didn't really explode.  Lame.

Finally, the new smackdown.  Now when Wonder Woman hits a bad guy it leaves a W on him.  Well this was an amusing idea, when they thought of it FOR THE PHANTOM IN THE 30s!  Since then though, everyone on the planet (except the new writer of Wonder Woman) has seen the Mythbusters prove that this was impossible, without crushing someone's skull. 

Anyway, I suspect this revamp of my favorite superhero is temporary, like Spider Man getting the black suit.  Still, if you're going to do something new with a character, at least be creative.

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