Monday, August 16, 2010

His Robot Girlfriend - iBooks Reviews

His Robot Girlfriend has been reviewed on iBooks 182 times.  It is still the number one free book in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category.  So far the reviews break down like this: 54 5-star, 53 4-star, 32 3-star, 28 2 star, and 15 1-star.  I pretty happy with that.  Not everybody is going to like a book.  What I can't figure out is the people who gave it a 1 star review because it is about a man with a robot girlfriend.  What did you think it was going to be about?  It's called His Robot Girlfriend.


Erisian ( said...

this is the same world where two people sporting the same hardware cannot get married, regardless of compatible software.

i am not surprised those are your one stars :)

Anonymous said...

i really think you should make this book into a movie