Tuesday, August 10, 2010

His Robot Girlfriend - Latest Reader Reviews

His Robot Girlfriend is still the number one free book in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category at iBooks.  Here are some of the reviews.

by Stacy-Kay
Very interesting!  It kept me interested the entire way through and I'm not much of a reader.  I suggest it to girls and boys.  :)

I'm glad you like it.  I don't suggest it to girls and boys.  Men and women, fine.

by Budzy22
Yeah I'm a nerd and I loved this book!  I'd pay anything to customize a robot human exactly how I want her!  That'd be so B-A!!!!!


by Staticat369
Fantasy/sci-fi/future/dystopia is my kind of genre, and this fits in there pretty well.  Felt like the ending just dropped off as though the author couldn't think of anything better.  Interesting concept and good references to today's culture.  Felt realistic in that it was in the future but the technology felt like maybe it actually could happen.  the author took into account things like inflation, global warming, technological advances, politics, and other things that created a realistic 2032...  Ending was a definite disappointment.  I reread it thinking maybe I missed some big plot twist... but I don't think I did.

by JeffBarnes
Wesley is a great author and I have read several of his works.  Fun read for sure.

Hey Jeff, How's it going?

by Titan504
I thought that it was a real cool book I like the ending alot.  I wish the book was longer.  Really great book for being free this book should not be free it's so good.


by @here
This book was very interesting.  The ending was good.  It's great.


by Robert922708
It is a very nice book!  It has a very good storyline and wonderful progression, that all applies as long as you don't read the ending!  The ending was a big let down and very unimaginative!  I would suggest you read the book but prepare for the end!

Wow.  I really liked the beginning of this review, but the ending sucked.

by Liarmouth
I'm sure the author is a minor.  He has to be.  I've only read one chapter and he has mentioned like 10 differenet brand names and modern day businesses.  Not only that but the idiotic details!  Do you really care about what mike orders at McDonalds?  Or that it costs 17.96?  Science fiction is about sharing your vision of the future with your reader.  So the author is trying to tell me that stuff will cost more in the future?  Wow never reven considered that.  My mind is blown!  Oooh and how he browsed the web obn his TV by clicking a link on The Tonight Show?  What is this six months into the future?  This book so rediculously pedantic  and stupid that aI can't put it down!  It should be manual on how NOT to write.

Stupid and pedantic?  Should I believe someone called Liarmouth?

by nimatoed
I'm surprised that no one else has picked up on the fact that this book blatantly rips on Apples shortcomings.  this paired with the fact that it's free on the iBookstore warrants a good review alone.  The book is an extended metaphor for apples line of products and the actions the company takes.  The writing itself starts out childish and sloppy but does pick up as the story progresses.  It entertained me for a good three days.  Worth a sequel, a second reading, or a movie contract?  No, but should be read by all Apple fans, Apple haters, Chobit fans, and more.

You are indeed one of the few to pick up on what I thought was a pretty obvious Daffodil-Apple parallel.


It was a nice story, and the author was actually born in 1959; he is about 51 years old.

That's 50 YOUMICHAEL!  At least until my next birthday.

That's all for now.  More reader reviews soon.

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