Friday, August 13, 2010


The corrected and updated edition of The Voyage of the Minotaur has been sent and approved by Smashwords.  It should be in all the ebookstores in the coming weeks.

Now I've started working on the corrected and updated version of His Robot Girlfriend.  I'm not sure how long this will take.  I am going through three steps on this.  The first step is to reformat the manuscript to better display on eReaders.  I've already done that.  The second is to go through a revision reading pass.  Third is to listen to it read by Text2Go.  I still have to do steps two and three.

I've already started His Robot Wife.  I'm well into chapter two (of 10), but I think I'll slow down and focus a little more on His Robot Girlfriend, not only because I hate having a book out there with typos, but because rereading the first book might help me in writing the second.

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