Friday, September 10, 2010

Movie Weekend

I spent this last week-end watching movies, doing a bit of writing in between.  Here are the movies we watched in no particular order and my rating for each one.

Youth in Revolt (Rated R) A-
Very funny movie, with a lot of great actors, so many really that not all had a chance to shine. 

Pretty Birds (Rated R) C-
More great actors including Kristin Wiig who was barely used.  Ultimately though, went nowhere.

Death at a Funeral (Rated R) C+
Funny moments that descended to overacting.  Should have watched the 2007 original.

Kick Ass (Rated R) A
Best superhero violence/action yet-- all by a little girl.  Good story.  Yes, it's violent!  It's a superhero movie...called "Kick Ass".  What were you expecting?

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