Monday, October 18, 2010

Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 4: The Young Sorceress

I'm almost done with chapter two of this book and it's feeling pretty good.  I was going to wait until late 2011 to start working on it, because I wanted to get some other projects going, but it just feels so good to be back in Birmisia that I can't help it.  And since I've already written book 5, I have more incentive to write Book 4.


Grant Maledy said...

hmmm... any chance you're going to kick book 5 out there for us?

Anonymous said...

Book 5 won't be out until after book 4. For one thing, it needs a major rewrite. For another, I may change something based on what I write in Book 4.

I had the same situation with Book 2. I actually wrote book 3 first. There was relatively little I changed, but there were a few things.