Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Senta and the Steel Dragon - Illustrations

Yuah was waiting in the boudoir.  Yuah was Iolanthe’s dressing maid, as well as being Zeah’s daughter.  Two years younger than Iolanthe, Yuah had grown up with her and her brothers.  There was a time that Iolanthe had thought of the younger woman as a sister.  Without a word, she turned and shrugged off her jacket, which Yuah caught and immediately placed on a hanger.  Then she was back to unbutton Iolanthe’s day dress and help her remove it.  This was followed by the large rear bustle made vital by modern fashion and the Prudence Plus fairy bust form corset.  And for the first time all day, Iolanthe was able to take a deep breath.

Images Copyright 2010 by Clipart.com

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