Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guide to the Ladybugs


Born Theresa Maria Bergman, at the time of the story Ep!phanee (pronounced Epiphany) is thirty years old. She is world renowned not only for her musical genius, but for her flamboyant stage presence as well. Easily recognizable by her bright blue hair and extensive tattoos, all of which feature sea-life, Piffy as she is known to her friends, is considered by many to be the greatest living songwriter. She is justly famous not only for her works with the ladybugs, including the anthems Tesla’s Stepdaughters and Rotting Garden of Eden, but her greatest work may be her solo song Memories of Dust. All three are consistently listed in the top ten most influential songs of all times.

Ep!phanee is a gifted musician and plays guitar, keyboards, tambourine, and cowbell on the Ladybugs albums. She has also played keyboard, bass, and guitar as backup for many other musicians, usually using a pseudonym. She has published several books of poetry and her paintings and sculptures have been featured in major New York art expeditions.

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