Friday, November 26, 2010

Guide to the Ladybugs

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful, originally Penelope Dearborn, was produced through the vat process, replicating her mother’s cells without male fertilization. She is a clone, or in common usage a vat baby, as she so eloquently described herself in the song I’m a Vat Baby Baby. She is five feet eleven inches tall and while in her twenties graced the covers of many fashion magazines. Penny is famous for her large mane of red hair, though she is a natural brunette. Known for having started the body piercing craze, she has numerous piercings, including her nostril, lower lip, and tongue. Her only tattoo, one matching Ep!phanee’s parrot fish on her shoulder, was removed.

Many consider Penny the greatest guitar player who ever lived, and she has one of the largest guitar collections in the world. She frequently plays with young up and coming groups and sits in on jam sessions with other musicians. She is a role model to many young musicians and to the vat baby community at large.

Though perhaps not as complex as Ep!phanee’s, Penny has written a long string of hit records, the most famous being Long Day on the Road, Lonely Girl, Casanova, and Walking on Mars. She enjoys reading pulp adventure novels.

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