Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guide to the Ladybugs

Steffie Sin

Most Ladybugs fans think of Steffie Sin as the bass player. On tour that is her usual position. In the studio however, she is a major force playing a wide range of instruments and writing some of the group’s most important songs such as Fall Asleep My Love, Beneath the Denim, Blue Science, and My Immortal Love.

Steffie Sin is skilled on practically any instrument one can name, playing guitar almost as well as Penny Dreadful and playing the drums better than Ruth De Molay. On Ladybugs songs as well as her solo albums, she played guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, sitar, flute, and harmonica. After leaving the Ladybugs in 1970, she produced relatively few albums but wrote and directed both an opera and a symphony. She is the youngest of the four Ladybugs.

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